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Freighter Services: 

Have a large shipment of pallets? No problem. We have the capabilities to haul from 1 lb up to 10,000 lb.

Look no further!

We can do all urgent deliveries for you. Call us at 1-510-715-6116. We can provide you with a quote and get your delivery taken care of.

Scheduled Services: 

Coordinate with us to get your shipment to its destination on time and with no hassle. We can customize our services to meet any customer's unique shipping requirements.

​​​Henry's Courier ServiceReliable courier and freight services across the entire Bay Area and throughout California

Direct Delivery Service​: 

Our Direct Service offers you our undivided attention. We can deliver your shipment exclusively to its destination without any other stops.

Same-Day Delivery Service:​ 

When time is not on your side, and you can not wait another day. We can save the day with our same-day delivery service which allows us to get your time-sensitive shipment to its destination within hours.


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